Philosophy - Choose Photography

Choose Photography showcases the work of Peter Cui, an architectural photographer and an award winning masters graduate of architecture from the University of Auckland. With works published in most major design and architectural magazines in NZ, Choose Photography provides professional architectural photographic service with a focus on delivering stunning images that portray the story and atmosphere of architecture.

Choose the architectural approach to photography

Choose Photography believes that form, light and texture are the essential tools of an architect to create atmosphere in a space. Yet it is also form, light and texture that bring atmosphere to life through the lens of the photographer, allowing people to experience the magic of architecture. Now practicing to become an architect, Peter’s passion and understanding for architecture presents him rare insight and depth into photography.

Choose to tell a story, not just sell a photo

With the freedom to specialise in architectural photography, the confluence of Peter's two passions, every project is personal. Peter likes to understand and experience an architecture space before capturing its atmosphere in his images. Envisioning every project as a story of architecture, Choose Photography focuses more on bringing the story to life than placing constraints on time or number of photos to be delivered.

“In a fragment of a second you can understand: Things you know, things you don’t know, things you don’t know that you don’t know, conscious, unconscious, things which in a fragrant of a second you can react to: we can all imagine why this capacity was given to us as human beings... Architecture to me has the same kind of capacity. It takes longer to capture, but the essence to me is the same. I call this atmosphere. When you experience a building and it gets to you. It sticks in your memory and your feelings." - Peter Zumthor

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