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Peter Beichen Cui (pron. Chew), is a Chinese born New Zealander currently practising as a freelance photographer and a registered architect in New Zealand. After finding his passion on the drafting tables at Palmerston North Boys’ High, Peter went on to become a first class honours architectural graduate from the University of Auckland, obtaining multiple awards along the way. Today his photographs have been published in the majority of the leading architecture and design magazines in NZ.

His passion for photography developed during early university years as a medium to capture, explore and understand spaces and moments in architecture. Influenced by architects such as Peter Zumthor, Steven Holl, and Herzog & De Meuron, Peter developed a particular interest in form, light and texture as a tool to create atmosphere and tell stories in both architecture and photography.

Peter is a serial adventurer who places the highest value on experiences. From climbing mountains to travelling across foreign lands, Peter continually pursues moments that leave one speechless. Although Peter enjoys photographing all subjects, capturing architecture has always been especially rewarding.

He is usually available for commission on weekends, and would ideally like to have a lead time of two weeks. Please see our process page for more information on how Peter works, and feel free to contact him via email or phone at any time.

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