Community - Choose Photography

Choose Photography believes in serving our community however possible and we would like you to take part too. At the end of each financial year, 25% of all our profits will be donated to recognised charities. 

Below are 3 charities that we are actively sponsoring. To help us, you will get to choose which charity you would like to donate to at the end of your project, or suggest an alternative. We will tally up the votes at end of each financial year, and donate to each charity based on the percentage of votes received! So please help us to help others who are less fortunate!

Blind Foundation New Zealand

Blind Foundation New Zealand aims to empower people who are blind or have low vision by giving them the training, tools and tips they need to achieve their goals. One of the main service it provides is the handling and training of guide dogs.

Cure Kids New Zealand

Cure Kids New Zealand focuses on providing funding for research to find cures for life-threatening illnesses that affect children. 

Cancer Society New Zealand

Cancer Society New Zealand is the leading organisation dedicated to reducing incidence of cancer and ensuring the best cancer care for everyone in New Zealand. Their core services includes research, providing resources and information and support families with cancer.

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